EJA Annual Club Subscription and Refunds Policy 2022-23

Full Season:

£240.00 Annual BSCFC Subscription

Payment Options are:

  • One payment of £240.00 to be paid prior to 31st August 2021
  • Two instalments of £120.00 (Total £240.00), the second instalment will be automatically collected 30th August 2022 (90 days from when BSCFC requested the sub payment via the Love Admin Payment Platform)
  • In addition, there is a one-off, non-refundable, new member fee of £25 that apply shall be the same value regardless of when a player joins the club.
  • Please note the option to pay in two instalments is only available where the first payment is made prior to 30th August 2021.
  • All payments must be made via The Love Admin Payment Platform.
  • In the event of the authority for the automatic collection of the second sub payment being cancelled, the club reserve the right to request the full sub payment.

Part season:

Month of Joining Sub Payment Due
Prior to and including August 2021 (Option to pay in two instalments) £240.00
September & October 2022 £240.00
November & December 2022 £215.00
January & February 2023 £170.00
March 2023 £170.00
April 2023 £170.00

In the scenario that a player, or player’s parents, are struggling financially, then we will also include a caveat stating that the committee shall discuss any such situation and may offer an additional discount, however, this shall be solely at the discretion of the committee, whose decision shall be final.


Any refund will be at the discretion of the Committee based on the table below, feedback from the player’s manager, and whether the player owes the Club money.

As a club we commit to the constitution of each league, book and pay for facilities, purchase kits, equipment etc and administer the paperwork, all these come at a cost.  If players then decide to leave for other clubs or quits playing, then the Club has still provided all the above based on the players we have signed and the teams that have been formed / continued.  There should be no financial “benefit”’ to leaving the club – in all cases all financial obligations to the Club (fines etc) must have been met.

Regarding any Pandemic disruptions to football, there will be no refunds made for that current season, but will be reflected in the following season’s subs payments.

Refund Policy

Prior to start of season £190.00
September 2022 £100.00
October 2022 £75.00
November 2022 £60.00
December 2022 £50.00
>60% of scheduled League/Cup matches played (or from January 1st onwards) NA
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