Birchwood High School – Please take note

Dear All,

Please could I bring to your attention Section K in our Lettings Policy which stipulates that  ‘Dogs are not permitted on the school site’. We would really appreciate it if you could reinforce this message among your members as we have noticed increasing numbers of dogs being brought onto the premises, particularly by sports teams and their spectators. In future anyone found bringing a dog onto the school grounds will be asked to leave immediately.

On a different note we have had complaints from householders in the new development opposite Birchwood about drivers parking there. In particular we have been sent photos of 2 cars parked there on Sunday morning (31st January 2016).

The new development is on a Private Road and anyone parking or waiting there without permission is trespassing and may be subject to legal action by the homeowners. Please ask your members not to park or wait in cars anywhere on the new development.