BSCFC U15 EJA v POTTERS BAR TOWN YOUTH Hertfordshire County Cup Final

U15 EJAFrom the blow of the first whistle both teams played a high intensity paced game.  BSCFC started to slow down the pressure and potters took full advantage of that and scored their fist goal, this was then followed 10 mins later with their second goal, the score at half time being 2-0 to Potters bar.
The boys came out in the second half with passion and hunger and Callum Taylor scores the first goal for BSCFC.
A few minutes just before the final whistle Callum finds the back of the net with a screamer of a goal, leaving the score 2-2 at full time.
Extra time is played, 10 mins each way with cramp and fatigue setting in, both teams come out fighting.  The Potters Bar defender makes a mistake which gives BSCFC a penalty.  Alfie Mason steps up to the spot takes a deep breath and puts the ball in the back of the net. The keeper doesn’t manage to save it, putting BSCFC in front & the Storford supporters are going crazy. Extra time half time score 3-2.
A quick turn around and the whistle goes for second half.  Potters Bar are battling to get back into the game, heads are down and silly fouls are being given away. A quick free kick is taken and BSCFC pass the ball straight through the Potters Bar defence and Alfie Mason finds the back of the net once again, making the score 4-2.  Potters Bar then score again, making it 4-3.
With literally 1 minute left of the game Stortford have full possession,  passing the ball around to keep it away from the attacking Potters Bar team.  Final Whistle 4-3 to BSCFC.  They make history by retaining the cup for the Club for a second year running.