Referee’s Praise for BSCFC Team

Below is an extract of an email received from a referee, who officiated at a BSCFC match last Saturday. The details of the match have been removed, but the important parts retained. Well done to everybody involved with our club, something to be proud of for sure:

I just wanted bring to your attention a game that I officiated on Saturday 21st January 2017.  The game involved BSCFC Youth.  The team were literally excellent!  When I say excellent I mean emphatic.  Their attitude towards everything about the game was brilliant.  The way they played was sublime to watch and for a young team their communication skills with each other were phenomenal.  Not just about receiving the ball but their encouragement for one another, their reassurance if things went wrong and instructions to each other were of the highest standard I’ve seen in over 5 years at this age group.  The way they communicated with me as a Ref was perfect as well.

The reason for my email is simply because I see hundreds of teams and thousands of players every season.  However the BSCFC teams across ALL age groups are ALWAYS fantastic.  Their manners are ALWAYS impeccable and coupled with fantastic parents in support…..  They always ALWAYS play the game the right way whether they win, lose or draw…

I firmly believe that deserves both praise and recognition.

Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to your club and committee