Overview Of Club Structure

Bishop’s Stortford Community Football Club Limited is a charitable company (registered charity no. 1169318) run by a group of enthusiastic volunteers. The Club has a Constitution which can be amended by the Directors at an Annual General Meeting, which must take place before the end of July each year.

The Directors of the Company are also Trustees of the Charity. They are Grant Hegley, Morgan Laforce, Alan Hazell & Mark Warwick.

The Football Management Committee

The Football Management Committee usually meets once a month. Managers may attend Committee meetings and their views help guide club policy. The Football Management Committee members are listed on the Club website.

The Chairman of the Football Management Committee is Grant Hegley.

The Club Secretary & Administrator is Jo Packer, who handles much of the administrative workload of the Committee.

Age Group Lead Coaches

The Age Group Lead Coaches hold regular meetings with team managers to pass on information and requests for the teams in their age groups. They are responsible for overseeing the squad selection process within each age group and dealing with any issues that arise within or between the Club’s teams. Club Head Coach Tim Moylette is responsible for the U6-U11 age groups (school years 1-6), Danny Gibson for the U12-18 age groups (school years 7-13) and Steve Law is responsible for all the girls teams.

Team Managers

Team Managers are vital to the successful running of the Club. Each manager is required to complete the FA Level 1 Coaching course, and Emergency First Aid and Safeguarding Children training is required every three years. Team Managers and their assistants are subject to Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Criminal Record checks before being allowed to get involved with a team.


Where does the money come from to run the Club?


Great value for money!

In 2021-22 it will cost around £170,000 to provide football for nearly 1,000 boys, girls, men & women who play football at the Club. This works out at approximately £200 per playing member, which is our standard membership rate per year.

In 2019-20 the subscription income was complemented by our fundraising and sponsorship activities:

  • £2,500 from grants & donations
  • £2,000 from the Club Tournament and the Presentation events
  • A new initiative to significantly increase revenue from sponsorship opportunities

We are incredibly grateful to the following companies:

We always welcome more donations and sponsorship to close the funding gap still further.


Where does the money go?

Here’s where we spent most of the money in 2019-20:

  • £68,000 on pitch & facilities hire
  • £7,000 on coaching fees
  • £2,500 on league & FA affiliations
  • £18,400 on playing equipment
  • £2,450 on managers kit
  • £18,200 on playing kits
  • £8,500 on training tops
  • £16,000 on welfare
  • £13,350 on facilities & admin costs
  • £13,400 sundry items (unpaid fines, insurance, etc)

The Club’s Annual Report for the year ended 31st July 2020 may be found here.


The Club Philosophy

Bishop’s Stortford CFC has become one of the most successful and respected youth football clubs in the country, retaining the status of FA Charter Standard Community Club. This award recognises the magnificent work that BSCFC volunteers put into running the Club: the Trustees of the charity, Football Management Committee members, Age Group Lead Coaches, team managers & assistant managers, coaches, parent representatives, match day delegates and parents who make this Club what it is. We receive great support from our local schools in making BSCFC a true Community Club.

Club aims and ethos

The Club is a Charitable Company which has the following objectives:

  1. To advance the amateur sport of association football at youth and adult level in the Bishop’s Stortford area;
  2. To promote community participation in healthy recreation by providing facilities for playing association football…;
  3. To provide… facilities for sport, recreation and other leisure time, occupation of people who have need of such facilities because of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, poverty or social and economic circumstances or for the public at large in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving their conditions of life; and
  4. To advance the education of children and young people whether or not undergoing formal education.

We play competitive football, but we measure our success by the enjoyment and involvement of children from our local community, not just by winning leagues and cups.

As a club, we encourage all parents to support good play and sportsmanship, irrespective of which team is playing and we praise effort and performance more than results.

  1. The Club will provide football for as many children and young adults as possible. No child will be prevented from joining the Club on grounds of ability. This is a fundamental commitment as an FA Charter Standard Community Club. The Club gives priority to children living in Bishop’s Stortford & the surrounding villages and those attending local schools, irrespective of ability.
  2. Each member will be encouraged to develop to the best of their ability in terms of football skills, athleticism, fitness, and tactics, and as coaches and referees. All teams will play every game with a desire to win but within the spirit of the game as well as to the rules. Good sportsmanship will be considered an essential part of Club membership and for all teams, regardless of the competition being played.
  3. The Club supports a “soccer for all” philosophy, but we are still keen to build the strength of our teams and develop a 1st team (usually known as Town) at all age groups that can win league and cup trophies. For each age group the Club runs at least one 1st team that is selected on ability and caters to the strongest players.
  4. The players who make up our squads change on an annual basis as children develop and mature, as players join the Club and as formats move from 5v5, to 7v7 to 9v9 and finally to 11v11. We encourage movement between teams within an age group. Children may play in a different team each year. The Club has a Squad Selection Policy to which all players and parents are expected to buy in when joining the Club.

An FA Charter Standard Community Club

As an FA Charter Standard Community Club, we operate to the highest standards set by the FA for youth football clubs. We take the FA Charter and Community Standards very seriously, and all players, managers, coaches and spectators are expected to adhere to our codes of conduct and to the FA Respect guidelines.

We are 100% committed to supporting the FA’s plans for the development of youth football and have led the way in implementing the proposals within the FA plan.

Support FA Respect

As an FA Charter Standard Community Club, we expect the highest standards of conduct from our players, parents and supporters. We are passionate supporters of the FA Respect campaign. We ask that you keep this in mind as you support your BSCFC team. Always remember that football is there for the enjoyment of the players, whether they win or lose.

Codes of conduct

The Club has Codes of Conduct for Players, Coaches, Parents, Senior Players, and Club Officials. Make sure that you and your children read them!

We also have a Safeguarding Children Policy, Protection Policy, an Anti-Discrimination Policy, an Anti-Bullying Policy, an Internet Safety Policy, a Purchasing Policy, a Squad Selection Policy and Process, Photography Guidelines, a Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure, Goalpost Safety Guidelines, and guidance on the use of social networks, email and SMS with youth players.

These are all available for download here



If you were unable to attend the Annual General Meeting of Bishop’s Stortford Community Football Club Limited you can download the minutes here.  The AGM must take place before the end of July each year and all managers, coaches, parents & guardians are welcome to attend.

The key points from the last AGM:

  • 80 teams and almost 1,000 playing members for 2020/21
  • A waiting list of players for whom we do not currently have capacity
  • Revenue in 2020/21 exceeded £162,000
  • Club is in a healthy financial position
  • Existing Directors and Officers re-elected
  • Management structure continues to evolve to appropriately reflect the size of the Club
  • Continued drive to increase female participation – players, managers, refs
  • Will invest pitch preparation grants to improve pitch resilience at Friedberg Avenue
  • Will seek opportunities to invest in additional facilities for matches and training.

The next AGM will take place after the end of the 2021-22 season at a date to be announced.


Raise money for BSCFC: Travel Claims and Gift Aid

Each year we must plug the gap between subscription income and the costs of providing football for our membership. The costs increase each year, mainly due to increased charges for pitch use and equipment costs.

Therefore we’d like to ask for your help in raising some additional funding for the Club. We’re introducing a new initiative to raise some additional income to help plug that gap and keep the annual subscription as low as possible for everybody.

Travel expenses and Gift Aid

Charities can generate additional income from Gift Aid by paying expenses to volunteers who then pay back the value of their expense claim as a donation to the Club. This reciprocal payment benefits from a Gift Aid contribution of 25% of the donation. This is how it works:

  • Volunteers claim mileage at 45p per mile on travel related to their involvement in the Charity.
  • The Charity reimburses the volunteers.
  • Volunteers then make a matching donation to the Charity. The Charity benefits by receiving a Gift Aid payment at 25% of the value of the donation.

At our Club this can apply to an appointed volunteer who travels to fulfil a volunteer role to support the Club:

  • Directors
  • Football Management Committee Members
  • Age Group Lead Coaches
  • Team Managers
  • Assistant Managers
  • Match Day Delegates
  • Parent referees

Is this legal?

Yes! You can read the Government guidance in full. Here’s an extract:

You can reimburse a volunteer for costs they have had to pay because of their work. Once you pay a volunteer, they can keep the money or pay part or all of it back to the charity as a Gift Aid payment.

It’s a practice that many major charities have adopted. For example, the RNLI reimburses its volunteers for travel expenses. The volunteers then pay back the same amount to the RNLI as a donation at the end of the year. It is also operated by several major football clubs that are charities. Another major youth club is raising £10,000 per year using this approach. Managers, assistant managers & parent referees all claim mileage for travel to games, meetings and any club related events where they help out. They then make reciprocal donations to the Club.

What are we asking you to do?

Attached is a travel claim form, as an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Use this spreadsheet to keep a record of travel that you undertake as a club volunteer. This could be to home and away matches; or club, league or FA meetings at which you fulfil a volunteer role.
  • The spreadsheet will calculate the travel claim payment at a rate of 45p per mile.
  • At the end of the season you submit the travel claim spreadsheet to the Club Secretary and the Finance Officer.
  • The Finance Officer will make a BACS payment to the volunteer’s bank account.
  • At the same time, the volunteer makes a BACS payment to the Club’s bank account for a matching amount, and a completed Gift Aid form.
  • The Club then claims 25% of the donation via Gift Aid.

It is not too onerous and has the potential to raise significant funds for the Club, thus enabling us to keep our subscription rates down and continue to invest in facilities.

This is not obligatory; however the Club expects all team managers and their assistants to participate.

How to use the Travel Claim spreadsheet

The Travel Claim spreadsheet is very easy to use. Simply do the following:

  1. Enter your name, team, role and date.
  2. Enter the date of the activity that you undertook.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select the purpose of the activity (e.g. Away Game)
  4. From the next dropdown menu, select the location. (If the location you travelled to is not listed, you can type it in manually)
  5. If you selected a location, the number of miles is automatically entered for you. You can override the number of miles if you wish (e.g. if you had to take a longer route because of roadworks).
  6. The amount is automatically calculated for you.
  7. Enter your bank account details, for payment.
  8. Finally, save your completed sheet and send to the Club’s Finance Officer

To minimise admin we recommend you do this once a month/term/season.


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